Loughborough University Policy Unit

Loughborough University’s Policy Unit provides a channel for the University’s research and researchers to realise productive and beneficial impact on public policy, at local, national and international level.

The Policy Unit aims to enhance and strengthen the University’s research impact by:

  • Influencing policy through authoritative engagement and dialogue with politicians, their advisors, and officials at national, regional or local level.
  • Shaping political and civic debate by engaging with think tanks, research institutes, advocacy groups, mission organisations, trade associations, media commentators and other key opinion formers.
  • Promoting an evidence-based approach to practical on-the-ground projects responding to public policy challenges.

People Place Planet

Loughborough University’s fields of research range from sports science to climate science, from fact-checking to storytelling. Its strategic priorities are in climate change and the drive to net zero; sport, health, and well-being; and vibrant and inclusive communities. But despite this diversity of specialisms, all Loughborough University researchers share a common purpose which is to support people and how they live, to improve the places where they live and to protect the planet we all share.